Made By Humans Rebranding

Made By Humans is a branding project for a convention that includes design workshop, taught by designers. In this convention, different designers were invited to speak and showcase their work from July 2-July 4 2020. My challenge was to create a poster, website, logo and merchandise to promote the event.

While exploring which the themes to work with, I experimented with the poster above to show the raw sketch aspect of design. However, I decided not to go with it because I wanted to have something that looked stronger and could catch more attention.

Before doing anything else, I started off combining different typefaces together to see what goes well with each other. So I created 10 different typeface combination and put them altogether in one page to compare and see which I liked best.

My next challenge was to quickly create 6 different kinds of poster by switching around typefaces, positions, adding patterns, sizes and pictures.
8 different logos were created